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Christian Sands Faces and Slays Dragons

Dragons appear in mythologies in Asia and Europe, from Judaism to Buddhism to Hinduism. They are bringers of wisdom, tyrannical harbingers of the apocalypse, and fearsome foes to be vanquished. Christian Sands, the 29-year-old rising star of jazz piano, has chosen to name his most recent release Facing Dragons , due in part to gaining wisdom as a leader – this is his third recording under his own name – and also his going in a new direction “musically and spiritually,” as he wrote in his acknowledgements on the disc, and facing dragons that may be fearsome. In taking risks, and collaborating with new musicians, Sands does not merely face his dragons. All the way through the recording, Sands’ compositions are powerful, thoughtful, and elegant. eight of the nine cuts are originals, and range from straight-ahead jazz to improvisational introspection. The only piece Sands didn’t compose is an arrangement of the McCartney/Lennon number “Yesterday.” With the way Sands and the trio interpre